djlab (djlab) wrote in first_amendment,

Our Pornographic Culture

Over the next few days, Nuvolab writers will post a series of comprehensive, well-researched articles relating to pornography in American culture. The subject matter will range from politics to business to social issues. We will not be posting actual porn, only a discussion on the topic (our sincere apologies to all the horny boys). We hope you enjoy and leave plenty of comments.
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Hey, what about the horny lesbians who are dissapointed about the lack of porn?

Looks like an interesting article series. Thanks!
Oh, right, the lesbians ... damn, I knew I forgot something! Sorry about that.
I'm sure they'll forgive you. If not, though, I won't be able to hold e'm back.
Ha! Thats funny I was just about to post the same thing.