djlab (djlab) wrote in first_amendment,

Riveting commercial SHUNNED by broadcasters

"It begins with a scene familiar in suburban America — school girls in soccer uniforms climb out of their family SUVs and rush out onto the field, pony tails bobbing behind them, as parents shout encouragement. But just as the game gets under way, a blast pierces the excitement. Panic and chaos erupt; there are injuries. A mother screams in anguish as her husband emerges from the field carrying the lifeless body of their daughter. The screen goes dark and a tagline comes up: "If there were land mines here, would you stand for them anywhere?"

The spot's release by the U.N. agency, which says it sent the PSA to dozens of U.S. broadcasters, including all major networks and most cable channels, has been met by a deafening silence.

CNN did not respond to repeated calls seeking comment.
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