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Lab Magazine | July Issue | Women's International Inequality

"The clamor of Chalibans (the Right-Wing Fundamentalist counterparts of the Taliban) on the hunt is getting closer and, if you're a woman of child-bearing age or are about to become one, they're aiming for you." - L. Grant

"Making abortion illegal won't stop abortions from occurring; it will only force abortion underground." - Jordan Monge

"These programs ensure that kids aren't even taught where to get condoms or how to use them, because they "don't work." Now you're probably wondering why this article is in an issue on women's inequality. I'm here to tell you that these abstinence-only programs not only spread disinformation, they're sexist." - Anonymous

"Of course. When poverty-stricken citizens are evicted from their homes by Target for pennies, the first thing they're going to do is shop at Target." - Nuvie

"Gays and Lesbians must insist on full civil rights now not because their bodies are somehow genetically deformed (and thus "fixable") but because they are citizens entitled to those rights by the legal document that is not just the heart, but the very bedrock of this country." - Benevolus

Fake News

"Starburst manufacturers have also merged with Exodus International, the famous Ex-Gay Ministry, to bring forward their new line of StraightBurst chews."

"CNN's senior vice president Sid Bedingfield announced this new division after Jon Stewart's searing comments of CNN on The Daily Show, noting that, 'We already lie to the public and cover up the real scandals, why not get some publicity for it?'"
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