Shae McCaig (sheonamcc) wrote in first_amendment,
Shae McCaig

Actions speak louder than words

Today marks an important date in history, and the end of a dictator's reign of terror.

However, this is not necessarily the good news our collective governments portray it to be. The execution of Saddam has saddened me greatly. Not because I care for the man or what he stood for, but because basic human rights only truly exist if they are applied to all...including someone who has broken them. The test of a government's commitment to human rights is measured by the way it treats its worst offenders.

Today the world has demonstrated a deep-rooted barbarism which sadly underlies all human nature. This facet of our being is something I had always hoped humanity could one day learn to overcome, but the longer this "war on terror" continues the more I begin to lose faith in the cultural and cerebral evolution of our society. While I am extremely pacifist in my demeanor and take a great deal of care over the way which I think and conduct myself, it's obvious that most of the western world is far behind in their intellectual enlightenment. (Having said that, there has been some controversy over the subject of capital punishment following this morning's news)

If we let the past be past and put aside the numerous mistakes that have already been made with regard to Iraq and the "war on terror", we can still see that this most recent development is set to cause yet more sectarian violence. It will also further criminalize the west in the eyes of Saddam sympathizers, contributing to the view increasingly held by other countries that "the execution of Saddam Hussein is part of the American plan to disintegrate Iraq" (Liaquat Baluch, MMA Religious Alliance, Pakistan). Overall, it seems that the international community is not in favour of the hanging and questions the due process that took place.

And what of terrorism? What will happen now that Suddam Hussein has been disposed of? Lets take a look at a dictionary definition: ter·ror·ism (tĕr'ə-rĭz'əm) n. "The use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property for ideological or political reasons." George Bush, and indeed our own government, are by definition terrorists. This scares me. The "war on terror" isn't over's only just begun. We terrorists have demonstrated our malignant intentions and have no doubt inspired both fear and anger throughout the world. We can't expect to get away with this. Natural order always returns life to its balance and I fear our place within this balance.

There will be repercussions. Actions speak louder than words.
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