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This is a community inspired by the recent events concerning the War on Terrorism. Ever since the bombs started falling there has been a very noticeable war on dissent. Those promoting impartial reporting, the voices who speak out against the war and have expressed concern over the recent broad-sweeping anti-terrorism legislation have been silenced or pushed into the underground.

Let me make our first point clear: *This community is not Anti-American*. We are not pro-terrorism. We are simply the voices of those who seek better alternatives to bombing, war (the subsequent loss of more innocent lives), and restrictions on civil liberties in order to fight the terrorism and violent extremism that plagues our world.

In a manner of speaking, we are patriots in the truest sense of the word: Those who seek to better our country and assert its place in our world -- promoting freedom, democracy and the power of the American people by voicing our concerns, acknowledging our country's weaknesses and how to correct them.

This community is a public forum for posting articles, essays, and thoughts on the current situation, as well as *intelligent discussion and debate* on today's troubled times. It is also a forum for promoting independent media reporting, a source for those who no longer wish to hear the news from censored and jingoist corporate mainstream media.

Some links (these are my opinion only, feel free to suggest and add more as you like):
Guerilla News Network

Please use the following guidelines when posting:

1) If you post a news story or essay you have not written yourself, please properly cite and/or link to the source of the story.

2) All opinions are welcome, even and especially strong ones; however, seriously inflammatory or threatening posts against any LiveJournal user, community, or country will not be tolerated and will be deleted. (I don't want to have to do that.) Please respect each other's opinions and right to free speech, as that is the tenet and title of this community.

3) Very long posts should be linked or truncated using the [lj-cut] tag; please see the LiveJournal FAQ for instructions on how to use this.

Thanks to all. Let's make our founding fathers proud.